Sustain Leadership is a tailored solutions firm with its gaze turned towards the future.

In a corporate landscape increasingly defined by technological innovation and advancement, businesses face the challenge of adapting to changing trends and future expectations. For some, that challenge may be a welcome one; for others, it may seem insurmountable. Sustain Leadership can help businesses face the complex problems change poses head-on. With its crack team of professional consultants, Sustain Leadership offers tailored solutions which help corporations, government organizations, startups, and even individual entrepreneurs achieve commercial success by developing the potential of their member employees. The firm offers a wide range of personalized services in fields that include but are not limited to: strategic management, leadership development, change management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The idea behind our approach is simple: we believe that the best and most successful businesses are both human-centered and long-sighted. A business’s culture isn’t defined by its product or services, but by the people who innovate, imagine, and create for its sake. At Sustain Leadership, we aim to align a business’ aims and goals with practical strategies, sustainable processes, and innovative mentalities. Because this alignment so often begins with those at the top, our firm offers coaching programs for company leaders. Over time, high-level development will help foster stronger teams, an increasingly innovative and diverse workforce, and a more adaptable business.


Sustain Leadership steers clear of for-now solutions that might provide temporary fixes, and instead focuses on building long-term solutions. When we begin working with a client, we delve into their business’ structure and culture; from this investigation, we can diagnose and prescribe a plan for resolving any underlying problems that advancement might exacerbate. By the end of our collaboration with an organization, Sustain Leadership’s consultants will have established a long-term plan that both speaks to the fundamental needs of businesses and addresses the attitudinal changes needed to create sustainable shifts in organizational systems, individual behaviors, and innovation-centered cultures.

Since our beginnings, Sustain Leadership has developed into a well-regarded firm with international connections. With offices in both New York and Dubai, Sustain Leadership is well-positioned to work with companies based across the world – and has done just that.


Sustain Leadership developed the SEAD methodology as a way to effectively assess and develop a long-term solution for consulting clients. Broken down, the acronym stands for: Sensing, Engaging, Aligning, and Developing.

Sensing is the initial step. In this first stage, our consultants engage with client organizations in a way that generates insights into the client’s own strengths and potential barriers to success. We typically begin our assessment by establishing focus groups. In these small gatherings, participants can reflect, brainstorm, and think creatively about their ideas and concerns. Once the sensing period draws to a close, the Sustain Leadership team collates and analyzes the collected data.

Engaging & Aligning

Next, we put that compiled data to use. In the Engaging & Aligning stage, Sustain Leadership’s consultants share their findings and conclusions with the client organization before engaging its members in open discussion. By encouraging the client’s own leaders to co-create ideas, plans, and solutions, we generate productive solutions and allow their team to take personal responsibility for creating and upholding a positive working environment.


Lastly, we enter Development. In this stage, our consultants connect all team members via tailor-made experiential positive psychology and development programmes to bring the ideas circulated in the previous stage to life. Ultimately, Sustain Leadership’s goal is to encourage team members to make and continue making positive contributions to the organization’s culture and work.

#1: A Business in the Sports Industry

The Challenge Question:

How can we develop a new culture of leadership in a way that alleviates the heavy stress on a manager and his team?

The Designed Solution:

To resolve this problem, we conducted an analysis on the causes of burnout and implemented a 360° approach that incorporated feedback from the manager’s team. Then, we set a personal development action plan in place to help the manager manage his personal boundaries, tendency towards perfectionism, and delegation habits.

#2: An International Business in the Finance Sector

The Challenge Question:

How can we develop a new and productive culture of leadership for the organization as a whole?

The Designed Solution:

We developed a “corporate university” that would help formalize training and establish a model for the leadership skills the company wanted to cultivate. During this process, we carried out a cultural survey, developed and implemented a 360° measurement tool for assessment, and designed and managed a leadership training program.

#3: A Leading Pharmaceutical Business

The Challenge Question:

How can we best manage the establishment of a new Business Unit?

The Designed Solution:

We started our work from the ground up: we defined the unit’s mission and established a long-term vision and action plan for the Business Units as a whole. Then, we communicated that strategy and plan to the whole of the organization and began developing the leadership core. We defined role and competencies for the management team and their N-1s and implemented a formal leadership training program.

#4: An Industry Leader in its Field

The Challenge Question:

How can we help individuals who work long hours and organization leaders maintain a balanced performance over the long term?

The Designed Solution:

We conducted training sessions that would help participants learn more about their physical, nutritional, and profile needs and develop the self-confidence they need to manage themselves well and live balanced lives. This entailed some individual coaching.