Innovation Cultures

Entrepreneurship is beyond having a great idea or the willingness to be one’s boss. It takes a certain skill-set to venture into the entrepreneurial journey and build a sustainable business proposition.

We accompany entrepreneurs from that “Eureka ”moment, when the idea is being imagined and explored, to implementation and beyond.

Our approach is rooted in the human learning process, is rigorous, systematic and thorough, and addresses different learning styles so that the outcome facilitates learning and leads to improved performance.

Our programs are developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and include a variety of real-life experiences. We offer different programs for first-time entrepreneurs, accomplished entrepreneurs as well as female entrepreneurs. Sustain leadership has been supporting incubators, accelerators, and universities with design, and delivery of full incubation programs, mentorship and business coaching for aspiring startups, and growing SMEs.

Staying resilient in today’s ever-changing business environment is not an easy task.

An innovation culture allows collaboration among both leaders and their employees to work as a unit while finding ways to bring a more creative approach to their current method. Whether through implementing the use of today’s technology, or encouraging strong communication, an innovation culture is one that allows an organization to think more creatively, thus having a profound impact on their overall success.

Our ultimate goal is to align an organization with an innovation culture that makings a lasting, positive change to its organization. We achieve this by aligning the organization’s entire team to achieve lasting success through a fresh approach.

Using well renowned Innovation Management Instruments. We will identify the organization’s innovation strengths and weaknesses in their current culture and processes and put forward a focused plan to build the organization capacity for innovation. We take both non-traditional and conventional processes to help create more collaborative solutions that can only transform the culture of an organization but aligns them with innovative practices. Our processes include new product, service and business model innovation, business strategy for disruptive innovation, leadership development and organizational culture change. Our customized processes focus on a transformation that maximizes profit while having the most profound impact.

Regardless of the size of your organization, leaders will be given the tools they need to thrive in today’s disruptive age while promoting a collaborative environment. Sustain Leadership’s approach uses assessments to uncover deeper barriers and untapped opportunity for driving greater innovation and business growth. This is achieved through a long-term plan for success that we create following a variety of personalized tactics, which include customized surveys and in-depth interviews. During this process, we analyze the different levers that drive the success of an organization, which include the current strategy & business model, leadership practices, metric & incentive programs, and technology use.

Upon completion of our assessments, our Innovation Consulting Engagements are rolled out to help create new growth strategies, develop new products and services, or design new business processes. This is achieved using several principles, which include:

  • Challenging business boundaries
  • Garnering support from within the organization
  • Developing an industry foresight
  • Engaging consumers and customers
  • Leveraging core competencies and technologies
  • Understanding organizational readiness
  • Creating a disciplined approach to implementation
  • Building organizational capacity for sustainable innovation

We believe innovation is only sustainable if it is integrated into an organization’s operations, allowing employees to fully participate and contribute to the innovation process.

With raising public consciousness about current challenges, How can social innovation be the answer? Sustain Leadership cultivates social innovation around the triple bottom line.

The triple bottom line (also referred to as 3BL, 3Ps or people, planet, profit) is the foundation of the sustainable business movement. The term was officially coined by John Elkington in 1994 and it’s important because it refers to the need for businesses to measure not just their economic or financial bottom line, but their environmental and social bottom lines as well. Essentially, 3BL looks at the true cost of doing business (in addition to the economic bottom line) by taking into account their:

* environmental footprint (extraction and use of undervalued natural assets or production of toxins and greenhouse gases) and *social impact: the fair and favorable treatment of employees, suppliers, and respect for the host community and philanthropic activities of the organization.

Using our Social U process, we design social innovation/entrepreneurship and corporate social investment programs, for corporations, and NGOs, aimed at developing the capability to implement a focused, flexible, and recurring mechanism for managing social change.